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Anwar Abdifatah

President and Founder

Anwar is a researcher, Author & Lecturer at Somali National University. His research focuses on the Horn of Africa Affairs. His latest book is “Horn of Africa, History, Politics, and Dynamics”. He has a bylines at Aljazeera, Anadole Agency, Daily Nation, Addis Standard, The Elephant, and others. He is currently doing his Ph.D. In International Studies at University of Nairobi.

Prof. Khalid Maou


A veteran Somali politician and former chairman of Information, public awareness, culture, post and telecommunication of Somali parliament. He was a lecturer in Journalism, Peace and Good Governance at Bologna University, in Italy. He has written enormous articles published by prestigious institutions. Currently, he is a Professor at Somali National University.

Roble Idle


Roble Idle is a mentor, youth activist and and social innovator. who has ability to lead, motivate and inspire others, and also able to effectively delegate tasks and a good team player. He received his Master's degree in Intl' Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. He has commendable traits including, courage, multi-tasking, good judgment, and other competitive qualities.