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Somalia’s De jure Outweighs Ethiopia’s De facto Argument.

Ethiopia announced an MOU with the Northern breakaway region of Somaliland on January 1st of this year, promising Addis-Ababa 20 kilometers of marine land in exchange for Ethiopian recognition for Hargeisa. In Somalia and around the Horn of Africa, this has caused a popular uproar. Ever since PM Abiy dared to go, the government of Somalia and its esteemed citizens […]

Deni’s Re-Election: Balancing Villa Somalia’s Scot-Free Politics

On 8th January 2024, Said Abdullahi Deni was re-elected as the president of the Puntland State of Somalia in a fiercely contested election. In addition to criticism from Puntland, the besieged Deni also faced opposition from the federal administration in Mogadishu. Although Deni has a reputation for being a dictator in Puntland from his previous reign, his opposition to Somalia’s […]

Lifting the Arms Embargo, Joining the EAC and ATMIS Drawdown in Somalia: A Triple Win and Upcoming Challenges

In late November and early December of 2023, Somalia achieved a number of significant goals, such as debt relief, joining the East African Community, and lifting the arms embargo after 32 years. These accomplishments are not just constructive moves; they may also have unfavorable effects along the road. First, the security case: For almost 20 years, Somalia has been provided […]

Somalia’s Delicate Diplomacy: Renewed Defense Pact with Ethiopia Unveils Geopolitical Struggle in the Horn of Africa

In a significant move for regional stability, Somalia’s Defense Minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur and his Ethiopian counterpart Abraham Belay signed a renewed defense cooperation agreement in Addis Ababa on Thursday. The two sides said that the pact, initially signed in 2014 underscores their joint commitment to fostering peace and security in the region. However, beneath the surface lies a complex […]