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The year 2023 has been a pivotal and transformative period for the East African Institute for Peace and Governance, marked by the designation of this remarkable chapter as our Annual Mirabilis year. As we reflect upon the achievements and milestones, it is evident that our commitment to advancing peace, governance, and socio-economic well-being in the East African region has yielded significant impact. Through a strategic blend of rigorous research, policy advocacy, and educational initiatives, we have navigated the complex landscape of regional dynamics with a focus on fostering sustainable solutions.

In this Annual Report, we invite our stakeholders, partners, and supporters to delve into a comprehensive overview of our activities, publications, and engagements throughout the Mirabilis year. From insightful policy papers dissecting the international dimensions of conflicts and sovereignty imperatives to dynamic policy briefs addressing current affairs and strategic newsletters providing weekly analyses, our institute has strived for excellence and relevance in every endeavor. This report encapsulates not only the depth of our research and analysis but also the breadth of our impact through training workshops, engaging debates, and active participation in key events and conferences. As we chart our course forward, guided by our vision for a harmonious and prosperous East Africa, this report serves as a testament to the collective efforts that define the East African Institute for Peace and Governance.

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