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Introduction to Research Methodology for the Universities’ Students

Introduction to Research Methodology for the Universities’ Students

On 10th August, 2023, the East African Institute for Peace and Governance had held hands-on one-day training on research methodology for different graduate and undergraduate students from the universities in Mogadishu. The workshop was delivered by Dr Anwar Abdifatah Bashir, the Executive Director of the institute. The primary objective of the workshop was to equip the participants with set of skills and potentiality to undertake the research very effectively in the disciplines of Management, and the wider Social Science.

In more specific, the training had focused on how to choose a research topic, pioneer research question, set for research objectives, research design, application of proper sampling technique and adequate sample size, data collection procedure.

The training was deliberated to achieve the following objectives:

  • To make the participants acquainted with the basic concepts of Research Methodology.
  • To familiarize the trainees with the fundamentals of research, data collection, literature review and analysis.
  • To give hands-on experience in Key research topics to the participants through the practical work given to them.
  • To assist the participants to develop research design proposal.
  • To enable the participants to develop quantitative and qualitative research methods.
  • To generate research objectives and research questions.
  • Formulate research problem
  • Understand research design

During the workshop, the participants were assigned to do assignments on the learned lesson, work individually and by group during the different exercises, on refining and adapting their own assignments, based on their discussion with the workshop. Participants were advised to use the attained knowledge and skills to further modify and refine their research projects.

At the end, the East African Institute for Peace and Governance had promised that, they will continue organizing such value-added trainings and workshops for improving the young students and emerging researchers’ ability to conduct research.

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